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SimpleMom 06:28 PM 08-18-2009
I might be to get them used to different adults and children as well as to the idea of a school setting. I think parents need that transition as much as the children.

I do offer a great preschool curr. here. I have some parents that send their children to a "real" preschool as well. It used to bother my bunches. I took it personal because i worked so hard to make it a great educational environment for them.

It doesn't bother me much now. I think it's kinda fun and different for them. School agers and 4/5 yr olds seem to start getting bored at a home daycare and it's nice for them to get that chance to get out of a house.

As far as going around their schedule, I wouldn't do that. I go about our day as I would any other and if we are having lunch and the child comes after we've started, then they have a plate waiting for them. Nothing about the times of any of our other activities change. If we go to the park, I leave a note that we are there and they can pick them up there or drop them off there, etc. I used to go around their schedules, but it's way too hard to do that and unfair to the other children as well.

Sounds like you are doing a great job with your curr., daycare, and kids. Keep up the good work, they are lucky that you do curr. at all, esp. a good one