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Originally Posted by mrsnj View Post
*I was allowed to 'spank' a child when they were bad.
*Was my rate of $125 per week or PER MONTH? Ok that one busted me up! Yeah I will feed your child, watch them all day and do activities with them and learning things and supply it all for less than $7 a week!
*Can I make their child in scrambled eggs, toast, etc all while accepting other children and putting school kids on a bus.
*Would I take a children on a trial run for free for a week....or two

My fav interview was when the person wanted to know what church I attended, my hobbies were and what I did on the weekends during my free time. My husband told me I should respond with "Well, I don't believe in God, I like to do drugs outside of the local strip joint and on my free days I stand on a street corner selling, well, anything anyone wanted". I didn't think that would go over well so I just stopped emailing back and told her I was full! What I do outside of my work time isn't their business.
I was also told to spank a child when they were bad. I couldn't believe it. But looking back... Those were some naughty kids. Lol