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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
  1. Wanted me to not use the word NO, and to keep the other kids from saying NO (wanted me to use uh-uh-uh)... I told her NO .
  2. Asked if it was ok with me to feed their son homemade organic food ... sure no problem ... oh wait, she wanted ME to MAKE homemade organic food for her kid. NO.
  3. Wanted me to hold her child when she slept. NO.
  4. Asked if I would take their child at 4:30 am (I opened at 6 am). NO.
  5. Asked that I not nap a 9 month old. NO.
  6. Vehemently argued with me about how she was sure that the USDA program REQUIRED me to supply breast milk.
  7. Asked that I not breastfeed my infant in front of her 4 month old because it would "make him jealous" .
  8. Asked me what I did with the DCK's when I had to go to the bathroom, I answered with "What do YOU do with your kids when you have to go to the bathroom?" ... she moved on to the next question.
Reality TV idea. I'm going to get some of those glasses that have a camera. Then I'm going to go to a provider's house and pretend I am a potential client and ask all of these questions. Would't that be hilarious?