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Originally Posted by Live and Learn View Post
Funny how you never answered why you are so hostile toward breastfeeding mothers.
I have only had one formula fed baby in the last four years. I do the WORK of managing breast milk and the care of the breast fed child every single working day. All it takes is one formula fed baby in four years to bring home how much EASIER it would be to just do formula infant care. I spend more time in one day managing breast milk receiving, storing, heatIng, and parent conferencing then I spend in a MONTH receiving, heating, storing, and parent conferencing for a formula fed infant.

Don't accuse me of being hostile to breastfeeding mothers. I willingly and gladly do the work to make it happen for nearly every infant I raise.

I.m hostile about blindsiding people in public and forcing them to view your breast so you can do whats best for you and your baby. We should be considerate and understand that the public may have differing levels of comfort and modesty. When simple solutions are readily available then the greater good should be considered.