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Ok, I had to grab my book as a "cheat sheet" says to follow three steps when terminating a contract.

1. Clearly state the Problem and Its Consequences. (verbally tell the client if you have an issue with anything and what will happen if it doesn't change.)

2. Give the Client a Written Warning. (explain that you have been over this before and this is the final warning.)

3. Give the Client a Termination Notice. Here is a sample format:
This note is to let you know that I will not continue to offer child care services to CHILD'S NAME beginning on DATE. I will continue to provide child care services until that date. According to our written contract, you are required to pay for my services until that date, whether your child attends my program or not.


Make sure you keep a copy and the parent gets a copy. You can have them sign two forms so you each get one or just have you both sign the one form and make a copy to give to the parents. Make sure to keep it short and simple; don't include any explanation of why you are terminating the client. The client should already understand the problem and be aware that you are unhappy.
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