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Default She Tried to Haggle, I Wouldn't Bite

Here's a Facebook pm from a potential daycare parent. I didn't flinch and I didn't defend my policies.

Potential DCP: Hi Sparrow is your daycare filled up? The lady I have been getting to watch my child is going on holidays for 2 weeks, so I was wondering if you could fit him in with you. Where abouts in N**son are you? I was thinking about switching him in to your daycare but don't think we can afford it right now, I'm paying $5.50 hr where he is at but drop him off at 7:45 and pick him up at 3:15, so I pay for 7.5 hrs a day. I think you are $6.00 hr and because I would drop him off a little earlier and pick him up abit later, I would probably be charged 8 hrs a day. I also pay nothing for holidays or sick days, so if you could give me a bit more info on your charges that would be great. I live in N**son and my son is 3 years old. Thanks, M**

Me: Hi M**. I do charge $6 per hour, but full time is $5.75 per hour (you would qualify for full time). Based on 40 hours per week, you would pay $230 per week. This is not based on attendance, but is the weekly rate for your spot. I will be closed Christmas week (no tuition charged) and you don't have to pay for your vacation time up to 2 weeks.
I supply all food and drinks.
Thanks for thinking of me! Sparrow

Potential DCP: So no matter if my son is there or not I get charged and for holidays as well?

Me: Correct. If we contract a Fee Agreement for 40 hours per week and he didn't come one day, then it would be impossible for me to fill that spot that day because it is promised to you.

Potential DCP: ok while I'll think about it, another daycare I had him in, I never got charged holidays and he got one family/sick day a month, which seems a little more fair.

Me: Whatever you decide to do is fine. I would love to provide care for your son. If you would like a interview, we can schedule in the evening.

To tell you the truth, I almost caved on the holiday pay, but, I came back to this forum to read some posts about your rates. Gave me strength!!! I'm still in a deciding phase of whether to charge by the hour, day or week. But so far I'm doing a contract stating needed days, what the hours are, and subsequent price per week. It's so hard to stick to my guns when other providers charge only by the hour, no holiday pay, and no pay if the child doesn't show. Hopefully, word gets around and the other providers follow my lead.
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