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Originally Posted by llpa View Post
I would let dcm of 13 mo dcb know that you are creating an action plan. She has a valid concern, even if it's only based on what she saw. Then I would create a plan where you are intervening ahead of his aggression if possible. If he does hit keep reminding him "hands are not for hitting etc" and if need be I would separate him to an area where he can see the others, but can't play with them. Every time he hits or hurts someone take him to his own playspace. I wouldn't make it seem like a bad thing as he is too young for time out but eventually he will make the connection that if you hit or hurt you do not get to join the fun. Help him practice gentle touching with you, stuffed animals and doll babies. It's typical of some children his age to be aggressive in their play. I don't know that you need to term yet without trying a plan first. Good luck!
I told DCM of 13mo we are working on a solution.

I really don't have anywhere to separate him to, other than another room with my assistant.

He uses his body to push the babies around, he will just go sit next to them and start leaning on them until we grab him. He bangs his head against other kids, he hits, and when we take things away that he is hitting with, he has extreme meltdowns. It's exhausting. Is this normal "boy" behavior? I honestly have never dealt with a child this aggressive at this age.
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