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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
Thank you all so very much for your comments!

I talked to DCM of 20 mo today at pick up. She was really taken a back, which is strange b/c this isn't the first time I've mentioned it to her.

I told her I wanted to work on it together as a team for the next two weeks, and then we would sit down and talk about whether my care was a good fit for DCB.

I am going to bring my super yard out and use it to trap him during drop offs and when he gets aggressive. My only hesitation with this is he is going to whine and complain, and he has one of the least pleasant whines, but oh well, we will deal.
Good for you! Well done. And super yard is a good way to contain him when needed. Hopefully you will be able to move forward w him but you have set the boundaries. Now it's up to dcm to enforce it at home. You can comfortably say goodby if you need to because you have given mom every opportunity to help him!
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