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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I think parents just really need to know that we DO want to work with them and muddle through this together.

I think the parent wants to know that the kid gets to do what he wants and that not only is it okay but it's a sign of his special "boys will be boys" behavior.

I think this OP has had parents term as soon as anything was brought to light because they want their kid to behave the way they do. They like it. They think it's adorable. They may even think it's advanced.

My answer to her would be that I am not a "boys will be boys" day care and he may want that. He wants to get physical and take down kids. He loves the excitement of it. I just can't host that. I can't afford to pay the medical on "boys will be boys". I can't afford the loss of clients who have children on the receiving end of "boys will be boys.

I'm not judging "boys will be boys". I'm totally okay with it and know there are LEGIONS of parents of boys who dig that. I just can't host it.
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