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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
I had the talk with mom and dad tonight. They seemed really concerned actually, and are taking this very seriously. They made an appointment with the pediatrician to talk to them about ways they can help DCB, they have that tomorrow.

DCM, I think, was a bit peeved at me, but DCD (who I rarely see) was very willing to do whatever it takes to solve the issue. He did admit that they have been doing some rough play at home, and promised to stop it all together, at least for now.

DCD kept stressing about how long they waited for a spot to open up here (7 months) and that the last thing they want to have to move DCB somewhere else.

It ended up being a really great talk, and I feel like we kind of got to know each other a bit more.

Thank you all for your guidance through this!
Just be prepared for them to pull him out. They have to say what they have to say to keep him there until they find another gig. This is a VERY common immediate response because they want day care. Remember it's words they are doing now. They only brought up his slot when you brought up terming. Remember when the slot wasn't on the line it was "boys will be boys". That's a wildly different response.
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