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Question Getting a 1 Year Old to Sleep in Pac n Play

I have a 14 month old that wont nap in a pac n play. At her old daycare she slept in a bouncer every single time she was tired. She napped from 9-9:30 and 12:30-2 or 2:30. They bounced the bouncer constantly to keep her asleep. At home her mom says they just lay her down with her blanket and paci, and take the blanket away after shes asleep. Ive tried a nap mat so i could sit by her and rub her back and I've tried putting her in the pack n play in our playroom. when i leave her in the living room she just screams (happy screams) and wakes up the kids. When i put her in the playroom she screams mad tired screams and wont lay down. Help! Thanks.
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