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Some may frown on this, but, can you put her pack n play in front of a tv? I have a 17 month old that sleeps in a pack n play in my master bedroom. When I put her down for a nap, I put her in a wearable blanket, lay her in the pack n play, turn out the light and close the blinds so itís dark, then turn on the tv to the baby first channel and set the sleep timer for 20 minutes before saying ďnight nightĒ and shutting the door behind me on my way out. The tv seems to lull her to sleep and 9 out of 10 times she falls asleep within 10 minutes. Only a handful of times has she ever been still awake when the sleep timer turned off the tv and even then she is usually drowsy enough to go on and sleep. In the almost 6 months Iíve had her, sheís only not slept twice. Iíve found that if I put her in a room with other kids she wonít sleep unless utterly exhausted so having her own room is key. Before she came to me, her old daycare person didnít have naps or routines. If she slept at all it was whenever and wherever she laid herself down so she definitely didnít come to me with a solid nap habit in place but she has one now. Build a routine. Try the tv if thatís something you arenít opposed to, find her own quiet space if you can.
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