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I have found a cool room with a warm sleep sack plus loud white noise does the trick. I have a loud fan in my nap room that drowns out pretty much all noise. When I first start nap training a child, I start them out alone in the nap room. I move my other really great nappers just outside the nap room for a few weeks until I get the new napper trained. The new napper can cry, talk, scream, whatever. I go in every 10 minutes and make sure they don't have a dirty diaper, say "shh it's nap time" and walk back out. It usually takes me 2 weeks at the most to get them trained. I turn on music when nap time is over so they equate the music with nap time being over instead of crying. I got that tip from a poster here and it really works. Once they start napping a solid hour, I move my good nappers back in the nap room and start training everyone how to nap together.
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