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Default Seriously?!?! (Mostly venting)

I have a dcb (4) who is very aggressive. Most of the time he hits and pushes because he is excited rather than if he's mad. I have notified the parents about this and taken steps towards making it better. Yesterday he pushed because he was mad and I told the step dad who always picks up. Later in the day (at my sons gymnastics) the real dad called to ask if he pushed out of malous or because he was excited.

My question is does it matter why he does it? This is an every other day conversation about him hitting or pushing. To me it's a behavior that needs to stop regardless of the reasons behind him doing it. OH and this dcb is part time usually only coming at 1 but on the days that he is full day he lays down for a rest (like everyone else). Yesterday I told him to lay down (like everyone else was doing) and he says "my dad said i don't have to take a rest when i'm here"

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