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LOL...Parents crack me up sometimes!!!

Does it really matter what the circumstances surrounded why he pushed or hit or kicked or did anything aggressive?! We are taught at a young age not to do this because we don't want it done to ourselves and we don't want to wind up in jail because of an altercation! The same should go for kids.

If positive reinforcement and time out isn't working, it's probably time to sit the parents down and tell them how things ARE going to be or BUH BYE! Kids showing aggression towards other kids is bad enough but if I was the brunt of it, NO WAY, JOSE! AND...if it were previously discussed with the parents and I got hit/pushed they'd be termed the same day.

Then to get back talked in your own house...HE(double hockey sticks) NO! Naptime is naptime! Nuh-night!
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