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Originally Posted by Play Care View Post

Several providers on this board have a policy that they do not accept a doctor's note for "return to care" because often doctors think minor illnesses are "no big deal." However a child who is even mildly ill can often be quite needy, making it impossible for the provider to care for other children.

One time I had a toddler who kept having major, blow out diarrhea. The doctor claimed it was a reaction to something he ate and not contagious, therefore he could be at day care. Um, no. I called for pick up after having to clean/sanitize him, toys, carpet, furniture, OTHER CHILDREN, etc.

In my case I wasn't refuting the doctor's diagnosis, just being clear that I wasn't going to be managing it.

I agree. I will take what a doctor says into consideration but ultimately I have the final say on whether a child is able to return to care.

I exclude for symptoms. So regardless of the 'why' or the diagnosis, if they are exhibiting symptoms, then a child may not return to care. I will often ask for a diagnosis to help in monitoring the rest of the group and making decisions for the well being of the group as a whole. A recurrent cough due to a mild cold is different from one due to allergies is different from one due to a developing respiratory infection. Just an example. I'm not sure specifically what issues you are dealing with.

Also, daycare is not home and oftentimes a child is able to cope with a minor illness more easily at home then in a daycare environment. so while a symptom may not seem like a huge deal at home, add in 4-5 other children (or more) and a busy, on the go, environment, and that mild/non-contagious symptom is magnified.

OP, if everything else is working well and you are happy with your provider, I suggest having a discussion about this during a period of time when your child is not sick so that emotions are not running high. Perhaps even an opener such as: Dcp, I know you requested a diagnosis for Susan's cough last week. Can you explain your policy about this a bit for me? I'm unclear as to the reasoning for it.
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