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sometimes a child has nothing serious and not contagious, but is so miserable that all s/he has is to lay on a mat in a corner due to fatigue.

my daughter went to daycare with pneumonia that manifested itself as an occasional cough. no fever, nothing. goodness, I wish we took her in earlier... now, I have no idea how she was there, but I was not called for pickup (they almost never do), and again, I wish I was.
but sometimes her colds are so irritating that we keep her home because her nose is running out of control, and she sneezes snot 5 feet down. I don't want her to cover the DC area in snot, it's just gross.

so it really depends on how your child handles the everyday activities at the daycare. a pneumonia may look like nothing serious, and a child is acting fine, while a runny nose can ruin the whole day.
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