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Default One of my mothers day gifts for(some) dcf was extended hours today

Besides making handprint potholders and cupcake terra cotta flowers I also offered extended hours for my daycare families today. I close at 5 but extended till 8p free of charge and for their siblings too. I'll have pizza for dinner and ice cream and we'll play outside or watch a movie off of Netflix. The only catch is, I didn't extend this offer to all my families.

I have a sibling set whom I know would jump at the chance to keep them here but it includes a baby and the older sibling was left here till 5:30 the other day after being sick all day and finding out "just before I was coming to pick them up" that the child has strep.

I informed the dcf's whom I extended this offer to that all families may not have the same offer as I only so many slots open to be in regulations if their siblings stayed too.

It's unfair but after all day with them, even an extra 3hrs would probably put me in the loony bin.

Anyone else purposely excluded some of your dck just because you know your nice gesture would in turn make you homicidal?
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