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Originally Posted by E Daycare View Post
I also offered extended hours for my daycare families today. I close at 5 but extended till 8p free of charge and for their siblings too.
I thought about doing this also but I'm in the middle of planning a wedding and I want to use all of my free time to do that (DIY wedding) instead. The only recent "bonus" that I have right now is that I'm extremely open to evening and weekend childcare right now ... the parents love it obviously because unless I have an adult only event (training, fittings etc) I always say yes ... but it's because we're paying for our own wedding.

I think that what you did was fine. I have a drop-in family that is "worst case scenario". Even my DH can't stand DCM. WHen she calls and asks for childcare I'm always "busy" or "full" but that I'll call her if something opens up . Then I wait and hope that my other Drop-in families call and fill in the days I have open. If they don't then I sometimes call her and tell her that I had a cancellation ... sometimes. So no, I don't feel that you are being unfair in any way by being selective.
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