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Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
Next time, instead of the "usual", try a 1-finger salute. Maybe she'll get the picture then!
Yeah, I am guessing the kids were in tow! But I love poems like the one BC posted. And BC is right, The English language at least the English we use here the same words vary so much, even in small areas these days. Is your shopping cart a cart or a buggy? Is your tomato a tOmato or a tAmato?

I will never forget when I went to Sweden as an exchange student and announce to my host family one day when we were out and about "I have to go to the bathroom anyone know where it is?". They looked at me like I had grown extra body parts and then I realized to them to "have" is not something you do, it is something you own. The proper word was "must". Because they use British English. Way different than our lax depends where you live English. I think either way English is hard to learn, but to come here it is likely worse.
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