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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My daughters daycare keeps adding days off around holidays. I don't get assistance and have to pay full price. This year, on top of the extra Friday before Memorial Day, they have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Christmas week and New Years. That's $240 for 4 days of daycare. Isn't there some type of law? Does the state have to pay all these extra days, I work government job and they get more holidays then I do and I have to pay for daycare that isn't available.
How far ahead do they give you notice for unexpected days off? Is it a family in home dc? I can see how it'd be an inconvenience in many ways. My policies always stated the usual holidays(which did include my vacation during Christmas time); I also added that occasionally I would include an extra day to make a 4 day weekend, such as when the 4th of July falls on a Thursday or Tuesday type of thing. Did your dc policies include that information? And looking at the # of days closed through out the year, is it unreasonable? Everyone needs vacation time or they burn out, especially caregivers. If you and your child like your provider other than the issue of time closed, think long and hard before you decide to switch. Sometimes you simply switch issues and the next provider might not be as good a fit.
I also added in my policies to have reliable backup because providers are normal human beings who get sick themselves and have unexpected life thrown at them.
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