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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I think itís human nature to try to help someone in that situation. She may very well have saved that manís life. If I were the victim, I would have hoped someone would have helped. I see the childcare operator as a hero. What transpired afterward was tragic and could not be predicted.

I totally get that. Many people don't get themselves involved because they don't want to get hurt or killed themselves. And provider priority should be kids. I would feel I have failed my kids and family if they were hurt. Does not mean she felt that way. That said, I would probably remove my child from their home after citing lack of protection for my child. Everyone with kids trust their providers to keep them safe. My lockdown precautions include locking the doors, close blinds if possible, lights out, calm and quiet away from windows.

I am sure it was a split moment decision. I had one myself so i can speak from somewhat of an experience:

I remember picking up my daughter when she was 1 and there was talk that the school agers next door building were in lockdown and they could not get ahold of the director. We did not know if it was a drill or real. I was a Director of a sister site so same company. I acted like it was real because I did not know, so I stayed as an extra adult, an extra manager, and was on stand I had the choice to leave to safety with my child or stay and protect all kids. It was one of those-do I protect only my daughter and be mom or do I be provider and protect all kids? It may have been a stupid decision because my daughter is my most important. Maybe a good decision because I was choosing to protect the children even in my off time.

Luckily it was a drill.
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