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Originally Posted by flying_babyb View Post
any advice for the stubborn child?
How old? Most kids I have potty trained, I just don't give another option. Pee in the potty, we celebrate, pee on the floor you clean it up. (I obviously help and then we wash hands) One of my most stubborn kids about 2 accidents in said "I don't want to clean this anymore" so I told him "then don't pee on the floor" Never had another accident

Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I have no advice. I haven't potty trained a child since my own were young 25+ years ago.
I don't have any of my own :P I weirdly love potty training, but this kiddo is the youngest I've done so its a little different.

Originally Posted by Rockgirl View Post
I put them on the toilet and step outside the bathroom. I think its a lot of pressure on a child to go while were standing there watching. I usually say, Im going to go do xyz in the other room. Ill be back in a minute. Then I just step right outside the door, out of sight. They usually go then!
Yes! He is definitely a privacy kid! 9 times out of 10 he pees when I'm not in the room. I just tell him "I'll be right back, go ahead and pee" and about 60% of the time he does.
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