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Originally Posted by Baby Beluga View Post
What if you sang a song? If he realizes he has to go, but is intentionally holding it and not releasing when sitting on the toilet, maybe singing a song would help distract him so he goes?

If that doesn't work, what about food coloring in the toilet water? If you add red or blue food coloring to the toilet water it will change color when peed on. Maybe that would encourage him to let go?
I sing my own rendition of "let it go" when he sits on the potty It doesn't help, but it's entertaining to both of us!
After he does pee, we sing "It's potty time" by Patty Shukla (pretty sure she's his best friend) and that encourages him.
He would LOVE the food coloring trick, but he has a potty chair that makes a noise when he pees, so there's no liquid in there before hand.

Update: We hit our "aha moment" today!- Day 11!
No accidents, asked to go potty each time, and has FINALLY learned to empty his bladder!
He had a tiny dribble, ran to the potty and finished up. During lunch he asked to get down and told me he had to poop. Didn't end up pooping but did empty his bladder again!
Really hoping he keeps this up at home over the next 3 days, his mom is feeling a bit discouraged at home, but is pushing through!
He is 21 months, says about 35 words, but none of those are bathroom related. He signs (ASL) about 150 words, so he can sign pee, poop, potty and accident, as well as help and please 😃
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