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Originally Posted by e.j. View Post
If this is the best the US has to offer, we're in trouble.
We've been in trouble for a while now. It's just getting worse. Praying we are at/nearing rock bottom so that the only way to go from here is up.

Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post

It is so frustrating. I don't like the fact that we can only elect rich people. They are the only ones who can afford to get on the ballot.
I am tired of rich politicians and celebrities dictating how I am suppose to feel, think and act.

Originally Posted by Sunshine69 View Post
I send my daycare kids to time out for acting like those two fools.
I would've termed them both the first day.

The disrespect, petulance and plain old stupidity in the political world these last few years is down right ridiculous.

Don't even get me started on the media...
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