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Hi @284878

I'll say in general you're right - most industry daycare apps are focused on the daycare centers market. That being said we do have a few home daycares and work with them to make sure it fits their specific needs. Our smallest customer has 7 "sprouts" (what we call kids in our system) and our largest has 26 locations they manage with over 2000.

In general we allow you to manage your families, classrooms, etc however you want. It's your business, so the layout should meet your needs.

I'm a pretty big privacy buff - and I carry that into the design of Sproutary. Families only see their data, but you can of course share updates, photos, etc to the entire location too. As a parent of four - I'd not want other families to see photos of my child after they're no longer at our location.

If you're curious I'd encourage you to sign up for the trial and check it out! Even if it's not for you right now I'd love to get your perspective. We are customer driven - we listen and take their needs seriously.
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