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I like it so far, it has a clean look, easy to use...

I created a child care account and a parent account to see the difference.

1. Love the allergy list and vaccines, easy to use but your allergy list needs more items, or at least SOY added and a other box (I have a kid that can not have beans, peas, and lentils along with soy and nuts), and a check all box for the vaccines would be nice when entering a new child.

2. I love that instead of deleting a family I could achieve them, but the delete option did not tell how to achieve or where to go to do that. Will achieving the child remove the parent from logging in and can you achieve a child as they age out? (or in my case the foster kids unenroll but the bio child stays)

3. I would like to personalize the message to the families for them to sign up. (I do not do pictures at all unless it is for my records, so I would not want parents to expect them) but that is not a deal-breaker.

4. I like that I can have each child scheduled at a different time. All my kids have different schedules.

5. Chatbox is great but since I do not see an app in the app store. My tablet is a kindle fire, is this kindle friendly?

6. Easy check-in and out but no check-in on parents screen, this might be common but currently... My covid policy is that they text me (pick up or drop off) from outside to check in the kids, so I need something they can use from their phone.

7. I could not enter an employee, I got an error 500. I tried a few times.

8. Love the variety of reports. I was able to test most of them.

9. Would you consider adding a note section for each child that only the employees/owner can see? Like anecdotal notes? Or maybe a calendar that we could add notes too. (X was sent home sick today, M was a no show, T will be absent on x day, P had a temp of xx at snack, H slept longer than normal, W had a bruise on his check at arrival, Z pushed S down, K is teething, J threw a fight at circle time...) Having a way to add notes will be a selling point for me.

10. Would you consider adding a weekly schedule/calendar? (theme, letter, color, shape... of the week.)

11. I could not find a way to assign a pin to the family, I even in the parent account. Am I missing something?

12. I see the cost for this app is $1 per kid for the month. I currently have 6 kids, all part-time and 1 starting soon. So my cost would be $6/7 a month? What would be the cost of using the payment option?

13. Like I said I have never found an app that fits my needs. My church uses a program called Breeze (I was part of the team that voted to us it) and if they did a child care app, I would be first in line. One feature that they have that I love is being able to create forms. Any thoughts on adding that to your app? I would love to be able to have a covid check-in form that would have to be completed in order to check-in.

14. If there is an issue with the network on your end or mine, is there a way to correct a child's check-in or out time?

15. Do the parents have to create an account to receive messages that I would send out like the daily reports?

In closing, I would recommend this App for its features and ease of use.
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