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Originally Posted by erichelgeson View Post
Last year we did a complete redesign on our look and feel - glad you like it!

Agree, I've added these to the list next week!

A family in our system is "archived" when no sprouts are active. Delete in our system is really only if you made a mistake or want to remove all records of the family. Though I do agree a more an "archive" function to remove them from drop downs, reports, etc makes sense.

That makes sense. We can add in that easily so families get a custom welcome message.

We use this schedule to alert you on late pick up and drop offs as well.

It is! We regularly test on Kindle, IOS 13 & 14, as well as Android/Chrome. There is no app to install - our site is what you call an PWA or Progressive Web App - meaning we can do almost everything an app can do - without being in the app store.

Correct - We actually did allow that for a while but unfortunately had too many bad apples checking out early to avoid fees, so we have removed it. We have added the ability for you to record who dropped off and picked up. And adding a "QR" code the family can scan to checkin via their phone to avoid bad apples.

I saw that - my apologies! All software will have errors once in a while. We'll have it fixed tomorrow (watching the new Croods movie with the kids tonight!)

Thanks! We add more all the time when talking with centers.

Sprout notes, documentation, calendar - everything you just mentioned we are currently working on and expected in Q1 this year.

Yes! We've talked to quite a few of our customers about how they'd like the calendar to look and features, those included.

To assign a PIN you must have PIN required checked in the Settings - after that you'll be able to assign the PIN.

If you had one starting soon (eg "Active" not checked) - you would not be billed for them. So $6 in your scenario.

Currently no - we did talk to our customers about what they would like for records on covid checkin, but they all thought adding that level of questions to the Sproutary checkin didnt make sense. Though always happy to reconsider.

Also I'd love to hear more about your experiences with Breeze and forms. Let me know if you have a few minutes next week and willing to chat.

Yes! It also records who edited it and what changed (again, some bad apples, we record changes and deletions and who)

You creating their family account and adding the email address is enough. They can optionally login and see, but they'll revive emails, communications, updates etc just by you adding them.

Wow! I am honored by the detailed review and endorsement. We take feedback from customers seriously and I'll follow up with each and everything mentioned here.
How was the New Croods? We went to a makeshift drive in a few weeks ago to watch it and my kids loved it, my son loved the monkey scene the best.

Thank you for your feedback on my comments. I would be willing to talk to you about Breeze. I/my church has been using it for about 5 or 6 years.

And, I loved that I could mark who picks up and drops off, that was a great feature also.
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