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Originally Posted by joy View Post
Of course there are wonderful aspects of Reggio that would not be possible in North America. No, this is not R.E. Italy, but we can certainly extract the concepts that we can do with the children. It's not all or nothing. It's also not easy to transform your style as a teacher to match the Reggio model. It takes time, some ingenuity and desire. Let's focus on what we CAN do, rather what we cannot do.
Sure, I hear you.

Still, it's a cohesive system that is built around the fact that the community embraces ECE. It is built on the fact that those teachers are respected and supported in their efforts to be professionals. Also, built on years of study and practice. Without the foundation, the other components often do not work properly.

RE has been always been an inspiration for me, as have many other styles.

I become irritated at the, not only romanticizing of this cultures way, but the elitism that often goes with any certain given method.

I see all these copycat classrooms and wonder who is really playing there? Who is it really for?

I do applaud anyone who takes a step toward values such as "respecting the child" "environment as the third teacher" and "100 languages". Those are good solid values in my opinion. Those are also values that are found in nearly every other methodology founded on research in ECE.
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