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Reggio is Emergent Learning. So, all you need to do is facilitate emerging skills. He's into dumping and filling, give interesting containers and materials to dump and fill. Baskets and boxes that nest into each other and can be stacked as well are great for this stage. If interested in paint, start slow, dress down to diapers, put large pieces of paper on the floor and some fingerpaints and let em' go for time you will notice that those great big messy paintings begin to become more defined, with smaller strokes, etc....then add different paints and brushes....etc. Keep up with the nature-based outdoor experiences....draw attention to the little things many of us don't pay attention too.....the color of the sky, the scent of fresh air, the sounds of singing birds, when the kiddies ask you questions, respond and lok for ways to build on their interest....say they start realy noticing the birds....add pictures and books about birds within your environment, hang bird feeders and bird baths, find a real nest and share with the kids, and on and on and on......

It sounds like what you are already doing is a great start......keep encouraging and offering ...and in no time they will be preschoolers doing all of the more advanced stuff
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