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Yes it is. Just paying for the roof over your child's head when he's away from home is SO expensive. The electric and gas he needs to have lights, hot water, heat and air conditioning under that roof away from home is SO expensive. The equipment under that roof is Redoinkulously expensive. That water he needs to wash his hands and clean his dishes aint cheap either. Then on top of all of that, you aren't under the roof so someone has to be paid a wage to care for him and supervise him. That's super expensive.

It's just cheaper for him to stay under the roof you are already paying for and use the utilities at your house then to pay for him at a second location. He doesn't need a second set of toys or equipment to play with if he is playing with the toys under your roof every day. He doesn't need a second set of equipment if he's at home. And best of all, you can care for him and supervise him for no additional money cuz Mama care is free.

Yes having second anything is going to be expensive but having a second roof and all that it protects and houses and someone other than the Mama caring for him is a very very expensive second. You may find that he just really doesn't need a second everything. It may be better for you to only pay for one of each instead of two.

It costs xyz to have his seconds here. If you can afford to pay for his seconds in two locations and can afford the second price here, I would love to visit with you.
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