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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Included BOTH on my web-site and in my enrollment packet is a nice little write up about the costs of child care and why it is expensive. (attached)

It isn't suitable for a witty comeback when some one makes a snide comment about it and it certainly doesn't appease those that refuse to pay for quality care but it does a nice job of explaining that providers don't just sit back and charge per hour per child and then bring home the big bucks.....easy peasy....

Children ARE expensive, caring for them is also expensive and hiring someone else to do it is also expensive....

Bottom line is child care is an expensive service to purchase because it is labor intensive.

Children need to be supervised and cared for and it takes a provider to be there to do these things in order for the parents to report into work without worrying about their children.

The real true issue is that parents believe the cost of child care is for the physical care and supervision of the kids. Some understand that Centers have operating costs to house their kid but very few parents of children in home care realize that a big portion of the tuition is to cover their child's portion of the roof and everything under.

You can't have your child somewhere else for 50 hours a week and have their only need to survive be physical care and supervision.

Child care is expensive because your child is somewhere else under the care of someone else. That is expensive.
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