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Originally Posted by Crazy8 View Post
I swear people think we are getting rich quick in this job!!

I'm sure many of us have gotten the snide comment or two about it so wondering if anyone has a favorite reply. I had someone recently emailing me about openings and in just a few exchanges they rubbed me the wrong way on a lot of things - one being how they want care that "doesn't cost a fortune". I won't even entertain interviewing them after the emails but had to sit on my hands to keep from sending them a laundry list of reasons daycare costs so much.
"Yes, it is expensive. Having children is very expensive. It would be nice if before we had children we knew the real expenses involved but most parents don't really sit down and figure that out ahead of time. It comes as a shock, doesn't it? I can sympathize with you. I raised 3 children myself. Wait until you have a teenager eating you out of house and home and then again when they check out colleges. It never ends! If I only knew what I know now."

Then maybe...."Child care providers don't make as much money doing this job as one might think. Consider the times we are not full and families leaving with little or no notice. Our income is never dependable and our income is uncertain. It is tough all around."

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