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I have in imy handbook that I may raise my rates each year but not more than once a year. When I do raise my rates I word it to say that I will be raising my rates at $1 a week so it doesn't sound like I'm gouging them. In fact this is a $52 raise per child since I get paid weekly and there are 52 weeks in a year (minus of course the families vacation time). I got this wonderful idea from a post here in the forum and it has worked wonderfully. Reminds me of when something costs $19.99 because if it said $20 you'd be like "wow, that's a lot" lol.

When I get new families I charge them the next year's rate with the increase included so that they don't feel like they just signed up and now they're getting a rate increase. I also don't actually raise my rates each year. Probably more like every 2 years.
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