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Default Ugh Can Anyone Help With This

I sent a child home several weeks (about 3 weeks)ago because they had a rash all over their body, It was diagnosed as bug bites and was allowed to return.

During this time the child has not left them alone, they are from head to toe. Every where. Well since the child has been picking at them, they got infected.

I sent the child home today because they had open sores all over the body and they were pussing, they look very infected.

parent just called and said the child has staphylococcal impetigo. I looked it up and it says its highly contagious, but I cant find out much more information than the basics.

has anyone dealt with this. What should I be concerned about and do I need to tell other parents?

the one thing I couldn't find out is how is this spread..

thanks in advance
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