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oh no....thank you so much for responding. Makes me feel so much better that i made the parent put the child in long pants and shirt despite the crazy hot weather we are having. The child was picking at them through their clothing.

after getting the doctors note that they were just bug bites, the parent refused my request for long pants and shirt, but I said well then they can't come because they are picking them open and won't leave them alone and they are going to get infected.

As soon as the child started itching them they came open and were bleeding daily and yet the parent still refused to cover them with anything but clothing. The child even picks them through the clothing. I fell so bad for this child and am just upset about the fact that it got to this point to begin with.

even worse is that the dcm told me that she let the child go back to the location of their yard to play again and got even more of these bites because the dcm was tired of fighting the kid on staying out of that area. So kid showed up on monday with more bug bites all over the face, which was the only area that the child did not have covered.

uuuggghhhhhhhh is it friday yet?
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