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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
Of course! Looks like you'll be getting a few sets lol.

Oh and just a general tip about amazon for anyone the has an account ... if you make a wishlist just add everything that you would ever want to have and download the app. If the price changes at all (either up or down) you'll get a notification letting you know of the price change. That's how I saw this deal. Sometimes Amazon lowers their prices to crazy low deals and you can snag some great stuff.

My "daycare" wishlist has about 200 things on it
A list. As in one?!?!

I have:
An infant/toddler room wishlist
A preschool room wishlist
A kitchen center wishlist
A car/truck wishlist
An outdoor toys wishlist
A science center wishlist
An arts/craft center wishlist
A classroom organization wishlist
A general daycare wishlist

And of course, a personal wish list
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