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Default DCG 3 1/2 Pees Her Pants While on My Couch

After lunch today I have kids go potty. I make sure they go, then wash their hands. They then play a bit while I arrange things for nap. So, not even a half hour after last bathroom trip dcg pees her pants while on my couch. It got on my couch. And yes, my couch is off limits but she fails to follow the rules about anything. She has been potty trained for awhile now.

Here is the real kick in the a$$. When mom comes, I start quickly explaining the pee accident. Dcg laughs loudly and says "ha ha I peed on the couch" Mom tells snowflake that is not polite. Mom never apologized, nor did she make dcg apologize.

I hate Mondays
What would you guys have done in that situation?
My jaw was on the floor and I froze in disbelief. I almost want to term because of the disrespect. But I can't afford that. Help
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