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Default Strange Behavior?

I have a 2 year old who sits in his pack in play and continuously bangs/bounces his back off the side of the pack n play. He does this every day until he falls asleep and then as soon as he is awake, he sits up and starts again. He has done this since around 6-7 months old (once he could sit up on his own). Any idea why he does this?
When I was talking to a friend about it, she thought it may have to do with the amount of time he spends in his crib at home. She mentioned that her sister in law (who was adopted from and orphanage) as well as the other small children there, would do that to comfort or entertain themselves because they spent a lot of time in their cribs.
He is put to bed between 5:30-6 and mom says he does the same thing at home until he falls asleep.
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