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We actually had some landscapers come out this week and in the next few days they are going to give us a little flower bed along our house and some landscaping for our raised veggie garden. It'll really add to our backyard .

Once all that is in place I can't wait to take the kids out to start planting some flowers in our flower bed and veggies in the garden.

I think as all those things start to grow it'll be great for the kids to feel like they are helping to take care of them and can really start to learn where their food comes from and what makes things grow, etc.

I'm also heading out this evening to get some plants for around the house to really add to the inside and I'm going to be adding some fish friends over the weekend.

I also need to start hanging the kids' artwork. What creative ways have you come up with the display their art? I'm thinking maybe clothes lines somehow but would love other ideas or pictures as well.

My goal is to be done with the packaged curriculum (currently MGT) in May and mostly nature-based, Reggio, etc. by the Fall.
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