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Originally Posted by countrymom View Post
I have the clothes line for their art projects, I bought it at the dollarstore and it came with clothes pins too. Mine hangs infront of the window. But I was thinking that if I bought some cheap frames I can hang them on my wall, but use the hooks that you can remove (I think its made by rubbermaid)
I see they use painting alot, I'm kinda wondering if it would work here. I have a small cart on wheels that is full of art stuff for the kids to use any time they want, and omgosh they love it, and they keep it clean.
I can't do anything outside right now because everything is burried under snow, but I think getting flowers in pots would be great.
I really like those rubbermaid hooks too and I think framing a few would look great! I just found this and it would be so easy! I have the ribbon and clothes pins already...just need to pick up some thumb tacks.
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