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Originally Posted by SunflowerMama View Post
Crystal and Melskids -
I really like this approach and would love to make a move to this approach by the Fall.

Have either of you ever attended a conference or seminar to help with setting up your area and to gain ideas? I'd love to find a conference this summer to attend.

I found this site with a few conferences but didn't know if you guys had any other info.
i WISH i could find a conference, or a training, or anything in my area. so far, ive just read anythig i could get my hands on, and searches online.

Originally Posted by kendallina View Post
When I was a director of a preschool, we used some elements of this approach and were really trying to move toward this approach (while still following the basics of high scope). I would really like to do more with this in my current preschool...thanks for the links Crystal!

I have discovered so many awesome websites in the last couple of weeks since more people have been posting, it's awesome! I've really been spending too much time just reading through everything, it's been great.

Crystal and anyone else that currently does the project approach, I would love to hear an example of one of the studies that you've done from start to finish. How did it start? What kinds of things did you do to learn about it? How long was the process? How did you document it? Thanks!!
right now, i just have young ones here during the day. they are all two and under. so we haven't had alot of long term, in depth studies yet. some are a week, some just a day, depending on their attention spans.

one day last week when we were outside playing in the snow, they were amazed by our icicles on the roof. (they were literally the whole height of the house, some touched the ground !!!) so we brought some inside and put them in the sensory table, and on a shower curtain on the floor ( you should have seen me struggle with an 8 foot icicle, trying to get it in the door) they touched and played with them for quite awhile. we poured hot water on them, painted with them, watched them melt, tasted them, hammered on them with chisels (the outside is kind of foggy, but the insides are clear like glass), measured them, pretty much anything you could think of to do with ice. (we put some in the freezer to pull out in the summer!!!!!) i took notes on what they were learning, and some of the things they said, and took lots of pictures. then i took a posterboard, and pretty much "scrapbooked" it. ( i typed the words so it looked neat and tidy) it hangs on the wall that faces the door, so the parents can see it as soon as they walk in. and its down a little low, so the kids can see it as well. (they really love to see themselves in pictures!!!)

now, during this time, they were, (and still are), hooked on trains. so we had two "studies" going on at once.
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