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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
Last fall one of the children said " I wish I could go inside of my body so I can see what it looks like"

We ran with it. By the time we completed this (over three months) the children could tell you about their heart, how it works and what it does. They learned about bones, including what happens when one gets broken and they were provided REAL cast materials and casted each other as well as dolls and broken sticks. They could tell you the function of the brain and what it looks like. Our environment became a docotrs office, an xray techs room, etc. We provided them with REAL medical tools and they also learned about the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, etc. There is so much detail I don't have time to share it all, but by the time we ended the study (over 3 months after we started) these children were like little med experts!

We ALWAYS start with a comment or question from a child or group of children. Then we use a web to plan ideas for each area of the program. Then we decide what we need to accomplish our goals. Then we enlist parents to bring in materials - for instance with this particular project our EMT parent brought in xrays and cast materials, a DR. parent brought in tools and skeletons, etc. and was a guest visitor for the children to ask questions and discuss things with.. We continue the project for as long as the children are interested and usually end up branching off into other projects along the way.

I document with LOTS of pictures. And, artwork - lots of writing and artwork. The children will then dictate theirt stories to me and I'll write it on a separate paper, make a frame and hang it up.

We are currently learning about artic animals and global warming. A child saw on television that the polar ice is melting and asked me "what happens to the polar bears when all the ice melts?"

Often times we have more than one study happening, as different groups of children have differing interests.

Use your imagination when planning and preparing.....children are capable of learning far more than we give thme credit for, as long as we provide them the resources!
Thanks Crystal, that's a great example! Do you web with the children?
I used to when I had a larger group at a center, but I only have 4-5 now and 2 aren't very verbal (still young) and the oldest is only 3.5. So, I'm having a hard time getting much out of them (*crickets...*), even when it's topics they're interested in.

As I write this, I think part of my problem is that I don't web right away when they're talking about it, I usually wait until the following week when we can more easily start a new 'theme'. I know, not very reggio, but I'd hate to plan for a week, then scrap it automatically when they start going in a new direction.

Also, my kiddos are only here 2 mornings/week, so it seems like they don't necessarily stay with an interest for very long, which I think is partly (mostly?) my fault.

I love that you talk about "studying" a topic. You used those words in another post and that's how I need to think about it. Right now I'm mostly just doing activities about a topic, but I don't feel like we're really 'studying' it. Thanks so much!

This post is mostly just me thinking aloud but I would love to hear what anyone's thoughts/suggestions are for me...this is what I really miss about having real life coworkers!
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