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Originally Posted by kendallina View Post
Thanks Crystal, that's a great example! Do you web with the children?
I used to when I had a larger group at a center, but I only have 4-5 now and 2 aren't very verbal (still young) and the oldest is only 3.5. So, I'm having a hard time getting much out of them (*crickets...*), even when it's topics they're interested in.

As I write this, I think part of my problem is that I don't web right away when they're talking about it, I usually wait until the following week when we can more easily start a new 'theme'. I know, not very reggio, but I'd hate to plan for a week, then scrap it automatically when they start going in a new direction.

Also, my kiddos are only here 2 mornings/week, so it seems like they don't necessarily stay with an interest for very long, which I think is partly (mostly?) my fault.

I love that you talk about "studying" a topic. You used those words in another post and that's how I need to think about it. Right now I'm mostly just doing activities about a topic, but I don't feel like we're really 'studying' it. Thanks so much!

This post is mostly just me thinking aloud but I would love to hear what anyone's thoughts/suggestions are for me...this is what I really miss about having real life coworkers!
Some times I web with the children, but not always. We do make lists together about EXACTLY what they want to's a chart with header:

Know Want To Know

Then we list what they already know and what they want to explore and web from there.

Yes, study. They are called "small group studies" small group because usually only part of the whole group has a REAL interest in the topic. So the interested group studies the topic, then they go back to the whole group during group gathering (what we call circle time) and at random times and share what they have learned and what they are currently working on.
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