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Originally Posted by hoopinglady View Post
Aww, thanks. I've been busy. The past few months I've put a ton of time and money into improving the program. It's beautiful (to me) but I guess the parents didn't notice.

I lost one, claiming free daycare through her mother..she'd said she would give me one week's notice but texted me in BED last night to say she'd reconsidered!!! AFter three years of childcare I'm not worthy of the consideration of one week's notice.

The other woman is being so rude that even if she doesn't quit, I will term her ASAP to avoid future resentment.

It's terrible. And still, you'd have to go the ghetto to get a cheaper rate, seriously.

Deep down, I think this could be a positive fresh start but right now I'm so tired of trying! What a kick in the head, ya know??

Lesson learned, I suppose. I don't expect recognition or gratitude or appreciation, just money thank you very much.
Many prayers coming your way. I believe you will get better quality in terms of the families you have!
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