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If you are licensed in the state of MI and the state inspector walks in you are in violation of the following statue. Doesn't matter to the state what your rationale is for letting a child sleep in a swing. Doesn't have to do with position it has to do with softness of surface. If a child is in your arms 'hopefully' said child is being monitored by caregiver, not so in swing.

R 400.1916 (10-11) Bedding and sleeping equipment.
(10) Infant car seats, infant seats, infant swings, bassinets, highchairs,
waterbeds, adult beds, soft mattresses, sofas, beanbags,
or other soft surfaces are not approved sleeping equipment for
children 24 months of age or younger.
(11) Children 24 months or younger who fall asleep in a space that
is not approved for sleeping shall be moved to approved sleeping
equipment appropriate for their size and age.
Rationale Assures for the safety and well-being of children.
If there is a health issue or special need that requires a child sleep in an
elevated position, documentation from the child's health provider is
required prior to allowing a child to sleep in anything other than a crib
or porta-crib. The documentation must include specific sleeping instructions
and time frames for how long the child needs to sleep in this manner
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