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Originally Posted by emosks View Post
This hits a little too close to home...
The other concern about sleeping in a seat is a baby's head leaning over to the side of the seat and getting their face nestled into the sides of the seat.

It's just not safe to let them sleep in a seat... swing seat or car seat. They should be laying flat on their backs to allow gravity to do it's job and keep the head supported as much as possible.

Even if the seat is completely reclined as far as it will go, it's not safe. You are still allowing them facial access to the sides of the seat. Also, some babies are strong enough to jut their heads forward but not strong enough to right it back into position.

The other thing to think about is the motion of the swing alone could cause the head to jut forward or to the side. The bigger the arch of the swing or the faster you set the setting on the swing the more you are at risk for the infant head to jut to the side or forward.

There are some situations where a doc may write a note to allow a baby to sit at an angle. Severe cases of reflux is one of them. Just remember that even WITH a note from a doc it doesn't give permission for the child to sleep unattended at an angle in a seat. You should always assume that even with directions to allow a child to sleep in a seat that you should supervise them AT ALL TIMES they are in a seat.

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