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Default Posted Other Day BUT .... Need Help

I have a newly enrolled 18 month old DCB. Anyways he's just "strange".... he is non verbal.... if he's not crying mono-toned he's laying on the floor, any surface... currently the kitchen floor, making no sound... most times he's in a trace and repeatedly flicks the tag on his blanket. I have tried for 3 days now to redirect him and he often ignores everything...including 2 DCGs.... if he acknowledges me he will whine again.

He is literally disinterested in everything... toys...the dog & the puppy... even the 2 cats. Mom states he watches TV often. He still has a nuk and bottle (I dont offer it here). He rarely eats.... sits and cries.. he IS one heck of a good napper so I can't see him as being tired.

It's frustrating as I have 5 boys of my own and they were always into stuff at this age. Mom mentioned a consult with a local program that apparently mentioned possible Autism... I initially was doubtful in my own mind, as they were quick to throw that term about one of mine for simply not speaking many words until he was 2; however, now I am really starting to question this. Am I being irrational?

With him it makes it next to impossible to do anything as a group. He is like a lump on the floor that will occasionally make noise. I am not willing to put up with this on a constant basis as I don't have the resources to do so. As it stands he has literally been laying on the floor in the same position for 2 hrs despite constant attempts to redirect and engage.
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