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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
Is there any chance he's fixated on the blanket and it's paralyzing him from going beyond that for interaction?

I would not allow the blanket and sit back and watch the storm. I have had a few kids who were so blanket addicted at home that they wouldn't be able to function in my environment. I never allow blankets, paci's, or comfort items so it's a whole new world here.

I've had them convert to normal kids here and revert to binky sucking blankey addicted the minute they walk out the door till they come back. I tell you no lies.
I've had the same experience with blankets and stuffed animals. I allow them only at nap time (same with paci's for children over 1). Sometimes, in the beginning, I've gotten them out for a "quick hug", but generally, we just put them in our bed for nap time.

It sounds like OP is seeing some things that are beyond the blankie-addicted thing, though, don't you think?
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