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I have been both a licensed and unlicensed home provider. When I was licensed I felt everyone should be licensed or be shut down because I felt if I had to follow certain standards then everyone should. Currently I am not licensed. I run the same daycare that I did when I was licensed just without the license.

The biggest reason I didn't want to be licensed anymore was due to being told the things I needed to do to my home. This is my HOME, yes I run a business out of it. The children are safe here. I raised my kids here. I'm not going to have anything that would be unsafe for a child. I still have my CPR certification and do ongoing trainings. I have a degree in ECE. I totally understand all the rules for a center. That is a business that is run at a business not someone's home. I just feel some of the things that they require for a home provider is ridiculous. I don't want my home to look like a daycare center anymore than it already does. If that makes me a bad provider then I guess I am.
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